What language will my child be taught in?


All classes are taught in French. However, some teachers at La Roseraie and at Les Cèdres can speak

English and so will be able to explain things to your child, should they seem confused.


My child has limited French. Will s/he receive language support from the school?


We can arrange weekly French lessons for your child free-of-charge.

These are usually small group lessons and take place within the school by a State-approved language teacher.


How quickly will my child learn to speak French?


This will depend on many factors, including the child’s age, their aptitude for language acquisition,

their exposure to French outside school hours, and their willingness to try to express themselves in a new language.

From our experience, however, a child who joins us with little or no French at the start of the school year will usually be able to understand French well after 6 months, and will be able to express themselves well in French after 12 months.


What is the school year in Brussels?


School starts in early September and ends in late June. The main vacation periods are at Christmas (two weeks) and in the northern spring (two weeks).


Can I enrol my child at any time of the school year?


Yes, if the school roll is not already full. However, if possible, it is better for everyone if you can time your arrival in Brussels so that your child begins classes at the start of the school year, in September.


Does my family have to live in Watermael-Boitsfort for my children to attend La Roseraie kindergarten or Les Cèdres primary school?


No. We have children attending whose families live elsewhere in Brussels.


Do I have to pay school fees?


Attendance at La Roseraie kindergarten and Les Cèdres primary school is free of charge. However, during the course of the school year, we will occasionally ask parents to provide small payments of a few euros, to make possible certain cultural activities or sporting events. More substantial payments are required if your child wishes to participate in extra-curricular activities. If these payments prove difficult for you, you should feel free to speak to the school about alternative arrangements.


I have to work during the week. Do you have after-school care facilities?


Yes. This service is called ‘garderie’ in French. However, this is a paid service.


Do you offer hot lunches?


Yes. Your child will be able to opt for cooked lunches. This is a paid service.


Who should I contact for more information?


For any questions about sending your child to La Roseraie kindergarten or Les Cedres primary school, please e-mail Mr Nelson Zico at nzico@wb.irisnet.be