1. What does APEREC mean?

APEREC = ssociation de arents de l’cole oseraie t èdres (Parents' Association of the Roseraie and Cèdres Schools)



2. Why is there a need for a Parents' Association in our school?


APEREC is a platform of sharing information, ideas and fostering dialogue between parents. It also has a role to facilitate the communication with the other actors of the school.


3. Who is involved?

About a dozen parents - and the group is open.


4. When do the meetings take place?

Meetings are held in the Cèdres the first Monday of every month from 20:00 to 21:30


5. Since when has APEREC existed?

APEREC was created on September 15, 2014.


6. How can I contact APEREC?

There are a number of channels you can use to contact us: via the inbox aperec@outlook.be; via our mailboxes at the entrance of the school (up soon); via the facebook group «La boite à questions de l’APEREC»; or directly with a member.


7. What does the APEREC do?

APEREC has not yet large-scale achievements as we have just been formulated and our projects are in the launch phase. Nevertheless, the links are created and the information flows. The web page of APEREC and monthly meetings with management are in place. Our mailboxes, the facebook group, the list of email addresses in each class will be available soon…


8. How to follow our activities?

The minutes of the meetings are posted on the billboards. They are also published on the page of the APEREC on the school's website www.cedresroseraie.com.


9.  I do not speak (good) French, is this a problem?

Not at all! This is a platform where many languages co-exist. Facilitating communication is one of the roles of APEREC, and the language barrier is not a problem for us.